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Nuvia Drinking Chocolate 8 Sachet Box

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Packaged in single-serve sachets for use at home or as a convenient, on-the-go chocolate fix.

Treat yourself to a comforting cup of velvety hot chocolate with no added sugar.
We use over 30% real cocoa combined with high-quality stevia, a naturally sweet plant, to create a decadent drinking chocolate which will satisfy your sweet tooth and chocolate cravings without the sugar.

8 Sachet Box (18 g per sachet)
Nuvia Drinking Chocolate is made with 30% real cocoa.
Nuvia Drinking Chocolate is completely sugar free and won’t affect blood glucose levels making it suitable for diabetics.
Nuvia Drinking Chocolate is free from genetically modified ingredients and artificial sweeteners.

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2 reviews for Nuvia Drinking Chocolate 8 Sachet Box

  1. Meena Jane

    I came across this velvety drinking chocolate about a month ago and decided to give it a go. I have been using it ever since and I find it extremely good. The taste is excellent – since there is no added sugar but stevia, its not as sweet as other drinking chocolates I’ve tried in the past. Furthermore, it instantly melts in hot milk. I’ve tried it with cold milk too, it takes a little longer for the powder to melt but the end product is great. Overall its a great product.

  2. Anne

    This was delicious. Unlike other drinking chocolates I’ve tried, this has the right amount of sweetness, without leaving an aftertaste. I will definitely be buying this from now on

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